Who’s Who of Westchester: Lysa Barbour

By Katie Hatch | August 25, 2016

Lysa Barbour has always been an avid basketball fan.  When she moved from New York City to Westchester, she was thrilled that the Westchester community had its very own Knicks-affiliated basketball team.  Says Lysa, “I was excited at the prospect of using my experience in business and entertainment to support our own team in any way I could.” 

DSC_0223Lysa holds many titles as the CEO and Founder, Talent Manager, Director, and Executive Producer for Barbour One 9, Inc., a model/talent management agency and entertainment production company. Because she wanted to support the team, she cold-called the team office to inquire about a season membership. “Those discussions turned into meetings with the Westchester Knicks front office to talk about how my experience could be helpful to the team,” says Lysa. 

In a short few months, she began to recruit and audition singers to perform the National Anthem at both the Westchester County Center and Madison Square Garden. She has also provided videographic coverage of the Westchester Knicks’ Golf Scramble and will also be providing coverage and content for the Westchester Knicks Dancers this season.


Working with people in the entertainment industry, much like sports, can provide for some amusing experiences. Lysa tells us that one of the more amusing stories she’s had was when she was auditioning people to sing the National Anthem. 

“I received many requests to be auditioned from people who told me they were great performers of the National Anthem.  At the auditions, many of these performers either couldn’t hit all the notes or get through the song without forgetting the words.  Needless to say, none of these people were selected.”

Though she now has a role as a business partner of the Westchester Knicks, Lysa remains first and foremost, a fan of her local basketball team. She makes it a personal goal to recruit new fans to share her love of team, noting: “I look for every opportunity to bring with me friends, business associates, family, and also professionals I retain to work with me on projects for MSG and their teams.”

LysaLysa is a partner who goes above and beyond, and her passion is evident in the new ideas she’s constantly coming up with. We’re certainly glad she decided to pick up the phone that day, and she is too.

“Nothing would give me more satisfaction than to play a small part in the success of our local team.  I am a devoted fan and proud every day to have the opportunity to work with the Westchester Knicks!”

Favorite Player:  “I love them all.  Picking one would be like deciding which of your children you love best!”

Favorite Promotion:  “I loved the golf tournament the Westchester Knicks held in Yonkers in late June, for which I provided video coverage.  It was a relaxed event featuring stars past and present, including Knicks players and coaches.  It reminded everybody what a great organization the Knicks are.”

Favorite Moment:  “My favorite moment was when I met Allan Houston and was determined to get his autograph.  So, I said hello, and had a picture taken with him, and then completely lost my nerve and ended up walking away without asking for an autograph.  I felt like such a jerk!”