Who’s Who of Westchester: Jon Dorf

By Katie Hatch | August 16, 2016

Before we could even get our first question in, Jon Dorf of Dorf & Nelson LLP proceeded to list off everything he loves about the Westchester Knicks.

“It’s family-friendly. It’s local. It’s convenient. It’s great basketball, with great access to players – it’s accessible. And affordable – it’s affordable entertainment!”

Jon first heard of the Westchester Knicks at a Business Council of Westchester event in the summer of 2014. He met executives from Madison Square Garden and was so impressed with the product, he made an immediate decision to get involved.

“I’m pretty sure I bought tickets that night, right on the spot.”

At the time, Jon wasn’t sure what to expect, but he has been a fixture on the court ever since. His seats are right next to the scorers’ table, just a few seats from the Westchester Knicks bench, and his prime location has given him multiple opportunities to gain exclusive access to the team.

“The players have been great – especially with kids. They stop and say hi, and that really makes a difference.”


The players aren’t the only ones impressing Jon and his guests. Between the intimacy of the County Center and his proximity to the scorers’ table, Jon is in earshot of the TV broadcast and was curious to meet the talent behind the voices.

“David (Resnick, our play-by-play broadcaster) is terrific. It’s been a pleasure to learn more about the team though him. He just does a terrific job.”

Jon’s guests range from his kids, to his clients, to even his clients’ kids. “The games give me an opportunity to connect with clients for a great evening. But even better, the clients can bring their children. It’s a story (the experience) I hear a thousand times over,” he says. He also uses Westchester Knicks games as an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, while also making new friends and connections.

Some of the connections Jon has been able to make have come from places other than the Westchester County Center. “One of the benefits I have (as a season ticket member) is the opportunity to attend VIP events,” Jon explains. He continued by listing off every event he could think of, including the New York Knicks Open Practice event at Columbia University and a visit to the Knicks Training Center in Tarrytown. “Not only have I had the opportunity to meet players one-0n-one, but I’ve also met senior executives at Madison Square Garden, and even executives from the NBA.”


Jon is passionate not just about the product on the court: he also sees the Westchester Knicks as an important part of the fabric of the Westchester community. “Life is very busy and when you have the opportunity to see world-class basketball in your hometown, you just can’t say no. It’s a win-win.”

“Listen. It’s local, you’re the center of attention, and they’ll treat you like a star. You should call it the ‘World’s Greatest Local Venue.'” His advice for anyone still on the fence about getting involved with the Westchester Knicks?

“Tell them to call me.”


Favorite Player: “This is going to sound like a cop-out but I really do like them all; it’s such a great group of guys. My daughter likes TA and Crawford – they have a lot of personality.”

Favorite Promotion: “The half court shot. I like that one; that’s a good one.”

Favorite Moment: “My favorite Knicks memory to date was opening night of the inaugural season. The energy and excitement of the first game made for a really delightful evening.”