Westchester Knicks Youth Development Day

By Joe Archino | April 7, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017 was Westchester Knicks Youth Development Day, presented by the Kenkou Group. During the event, General Manager Allan Houston and members of the Westchester Knicks held a skills development training session at the MSG Training Center. This experience was designed not only to teach the fundamentals of basketball, but more importantly, to teach the fundamentals of life.

Allan Houston is a firm believer in providing people with the tools necessary for personal growth on and off the court. He instills these values through a motto inscribed in his FISLL Leadership Development strategy. FISLL stands for: Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership, and Legacy. Before the basketball drills got underway, Allan Houston delivered an introduction, explaining his philosophy for all to hear.  One by one, the participants were eager to share how they could implement these values into becoming better students in the classroom and better players on the court.

Stretching always come first, but then the fun got underway. The participants broke down into groups of eight, each group receiving its own personal instructor. Once the groups were assigned, Allan Houston gathered everyone for a special shooting presentation. He spared no expense, going into every detail of what is required to master the art of shooting a basketball. As Houston personally demonstrated, every mind around the room was locked in. After the knowledge had been shared, the participants got a chance to put these skills into action.

After the shooting demonstration the participants broke off into clinic stations to work on ball handling, shooting, ball movement, and defense. Practice makes perfect!

Underneath the banners of New York Legends,  a 5 v. 5 tournament was underway. While demonstrating good sportsmanship, these participants battled for every bucket. After all, who wouldn’t want to impress with Allan Houston and so many others from the Knicks organization around. This was the final physical activity of the evening.

This special night was not quite over yet.  Throughout the event, coaches had been evaluating participants based upon their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Six special student-athletes received awards for excelling in those areas during the course of the session. The Kenkou Group also led a special discussion, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, conditioning, and replenishing the body after physical activity. This event was bigger then the game of basketball. Allan Houston took center stage once again, offering knowledge and explaining that values are at the core of every success story. After learning the lessons that will last a lifetime, everyone walked away as a winner.


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