Westchester Knicks NBA Development League Elite Mini Camp Results

By Joe Archino | May 10, 2017

Jaylen Bond, John Jenkins, and Nikola Jovanovic were invited to participate in the NBA Development League’s eighth annual Elite Mini Camp. Eight scrimmage games were played during this two-day scouting event at Chicago’s Quest Multisport gym. Westchester’s general Manager Allan Houston and head coach Mike Miller were in the Windy City to support the three Knicks in attendance. In addition to undergoing athletic testing, Bond, Jenkins, and Jovanovic played in four scrimmage games each.

  Scrimmage Results

Jaylen Bond managed to walk away with 12 points and eight rebounds in two of his four matchups. He stringed together a stat line of 11 points, seven rebounds, and two assists in the third scrimmage game. Bond missed out on a double-double by just two points when he finished with eight points and 10 rebounds in the fifth game of the Elite Mini Camp.

John Jenkins put his offensive prowess on full display. He scored in double-digits in all four of his matchups. Jenkins’ high mark came in a 21-point performance in scrimmage game six. There was also a 15-point outing to his name. His two lowest totals came in games three and eight. In those contests, Jenkins scored 12 and 11 points respectively.

Nikola Jovanovic filled up the stat sheets in his four bouts of action. In his first game, Jovanovic walked away with 12 points, four rebounds, and one assist. He followed that up with his highest scoring performance with 18 points in scrimmage game four. In game six, Jovanovic earned nine points and three rebounds. He finished the Mini Camp strong, recording eight points and eight rebounds in his final matchup.

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