NY Liberty Legend Teresa Weatherspoon on the Westchester Knicks: ‘This is basketball.’

By Shana Stephenson | March 24, 2017

“This is basketball.”

These three words sum up why New York Liberty legend Teresa Weatherspoon is a fan of the Westchester Knicks and a frequent Westchester County Center visitor. “You’re going to see them hustle the entire game. It’s a grind on the defensive end that’s just unbelievable. There’s a push from one end to the other,” Weatherspoon said with a smile.

It’s also about mentorship for the current New York Liberty Director of Player Development.  After a successful eight-year WNBA career, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer shares her experiences to inspire the next generation of basketball players. From offering words of encouragement, to critiquing a player’s shot at the team’s training facility, Weatherspoon’s support of the D-League players’ grind is solid.  And in return, players respect the basketball legend for all that she’s contributed to the game. “They see me as a basketball player who’s been there. I’ve done this and I understand the grind to get to where they want to be,” explained Weatherspoon.

One piece of advice that Weatherspoon often shares to encourage Westchester Knicks players to remain committed to their goals is to be confident. When you feel you’ve reached a low point, Weatherspoon says, “Find who you are in that moment and it will tell you so much about yourself that you never knew.”

And who will Weatherspoon’s Liberty be this season?

A championship contender, of course. After finishing the past two regular seasons with the best record in the Eastern Conference, Weatherspoon says a reloaded Liberty team expects to, “Get over that hump…and bring that championship back to where it belongs…in NYC.”