Inside the Matchup: Maine Red Claws vs. Westchester Knicks

By Joe Archino | February 10, 2017

Inside the Matchup breaks down every advantage that could lead to a #DubKnicks victory.

The Knicks’ best defensive performance of the season came against the Red Claws just a few weeks ago as Westchester held its division leader to only 78 points. That was not due to luck, but rather a testament to the level of defending that the Knicks are capable of. Offense is a skillset that must be developed over time, but defense is a mindset that anyone can make a difference with in order to achieve a victory. If Westchester is able to rediscover its defensive spirit, they have a tremendous opportunity to beat the Red Claws once again.

It has been a difficult four-game skid for the Knicks. The most glaring issue has been the team’s lack of ball movement during the losing streak. When the team is at its best, it functions like a well-oiled machine with the ball effortlessly moving from player to player. This dynamic creates endless opportunities for the team’s potent scorers. Seven players from Westchester’s lineup scored in double figures the last time they played Maine. That was a testament to how potent and versatile the Knicks can be when the ball is moving.

Be on the lookout for these keys to the game as Westchester attempts to get back to its winning ways tonight against the Maine Red Claws at 8:00 p.m. at the Westchester County Center.

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