ELM Green Week Spring Clean-Up at Boys and Girls Club of Stamford

By Joe Archino | April 4, 2017

The Westchester Knicks and Eastern Land Management have a partnership that is built upon the principles of community outreach. Putting this mission into action, the Knicks made a visit to the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford as part of ELM’s Green Week Spring Clean-Up.

The creed of the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford is to help enable all youth to reach their full potential. That potential was on full display as several upstanding young members joined the Westchester Knicks for the day. In unison, everyone worked together to paint and touch up several areas throughout the building.

The Westchester Knicks brought in some additional reinforcements to help out in the effort. Knicks players John Jenkins, Doron Lamb, and Nikola Jovanovic were all in attendance for the project. Teamwork is something that extends beyond the basketball court and this trio demonstrated that as they worked together with the boys and girls from the club.

It’s not every day that you get to play hoops with some professionals, but that day arrived for the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford. After their work was done, Jenkins, Lamb, and Jovanovic took some time to shoot some hoops with the kids. Work hard, play hard!

During introductions, one of our Westchester Knicks staff members talked about the positive impact that the Boys and Girls Club organization had on their upbringing, touching on the responsibility on the part of the youth to take care of their club. Every young mind in the room took those words to heart, never shifting their attention away from the task at hand until the work was done. In the end, the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford got the makeover it deserved, and everyone walked a little taller that day, knowing that they did their part in helping in the community.

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